Silver Chains & Beads

silver-bead-multi-necklace.jpgSouthwest Silver Gallery carries high-quality Native American beaded jewelry made from genuine .925 sterling silver. Our bracelets and necklaces feature gorgeous beaded designs which implement both sterling silver beads and numerous types of gemstones to produce beautiful accessories that are great for every occasion. Most of our beaded necklaces can also support pendants and enhancers, and we also carry shimmering silver chains that can be worn on their own or with pendants as well.

Quality Silver

The silver beads in our necklaces and bracelets are Native American handmade, antiqued, or constructed, and feature the same genuine sterling silver which has been used for generations in traditional Native American silversmithing. Our selection of Native American beaded jewelry is the product of advanced silversmithing techniques that have been perfected well over a century.

Sterling silver was introduced in Europe in the 12th century in order to provide a more durable material for coinage. Fine silver is very soft, and difficult to mold into objects, but if additional alloys such as copper and platinum are added, it becomes stronger and capable of being forged into a wide variety of useful objects.

silver-bead-necklace-1.jpgThe Navajo were the first Native American tribe to develop truly advanced methods of silversmithing, which utilized sterling silver. Beginning in the late 19th century, the Navajo began to experiment with various bead shapes, sizes and weights, working completely by hand, until more and more machine-based techniques were introduced by the 1920s.

Talented Artists

Our Native American beaded jewelry features beautiful silver beads and designs, crafted by talented Native American artists from the Southwest. Our artists also work with beautiful and authentic gemstones such as turquoise, which is used in many traditional and contemporary Native American designs, and is prized for its reputed properties of encouraging health and good fortune.

We also carry bracelets and necklaces with other highly sought gemstones such as lapis, spiny oyster shell, gaspeite, and others. We carry designs in various sizes that both men and women can enjoy.

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We take extra care to provide a selection of Native American beaded jewelry and silver chains of the highest quality and artistic merit. We are proud to work with the most respected Native American artists in the Southwest, and we are confident that our gallery selection will please customers with the most discerning aesthetic tastes. All of our materials are genuine, high quality, and locally sourced, and we don't carry adulterated materials or artificial imitations. If you have any questions about our selection, materials, artists, or sizing, don't hesitate to call us at 888-476-4367. Explore our gallery and order today.