Green Turquoise

Green Turquoise Jewelry

According to legend, American Indians celebrated and cried tears of joy when the sky poured much-needed rain. Those tears seeped into the Earth, and created turquoise. Turquoise, or “the fallen sky stone,” remains a strong piece of Native American culture and tradition to this day, and it’s the most iconic component in Native American jewelry. Start your own traditions with our exquisite green turquoise jewelry.

Authentic Turquoise Jewelry

While turquoise is instantly recognizable for its blue-green color, many don’t realize that turquoise also comes in deep green, blue, and brown hues. The variance in shades has to do with the presence of certain minerals in each turquoise vein. More copper in the turquoise means a bluer color, while more iron creates a darker green color.

Rich, elegant, and organic, our green turquoise jewelry comes in every shade, and is a wonderful choice for anyone who appreciates a piece that strays a little outside of the ordinary.

The Tribes That Work with Us

Our goal at Southwest Silver Gallery is to keep even our most discerning customers happy, so we source our jewelry only from renowned Native American artisans from local Navajo, Zuni, Hopi, and Santo Domingo tribes. Most pieces include an artist’s hallmark and a certificate of authenticity to guarantee their work.

If you’d like to request more information on our green turquoise jewelry or any of our other high-quality Native American jewelry, please feel don’t hesitate to get in touch at any time. Call 1-888-476-4367, or send us a message to speak with one of our friendly and helpful experts.