Silver Turquoise Necklaces

Our American Indian turquoise necklaces feature some of the finest stones and designs coming out of the American Southwest. Turquoise has been a highly sought-after gem for thousands of years, and because of its increasing rarity, the market has seen a growing number of imitations and adulterations. However all of the turquoise from Southwest Silver Gallery is authentic, pure, and sourced legitimately from local tribes. Our partnerships with these tribes allow us to provide high-grade Southwestern turquoise necklaces designed by the most respected and talented artists.

A Prized Gem

The timeless beauty of the turquoise gem has been prized by countless cultures over thousands of years. Turquoise has turned up in Ancient Egypt, Persia, China, Mesopotamia, Mesoamerica, and the Indus valley, and was universally acclaimed by ancient cultures in these regions, making it one of the oldest recognized precious gems. Slowly the gem circulated throughout cultures across the globe over the course of history, and today we have the gem's modern expression in highly coveted American Indian turquoise necklaces and other forms of jewelry. Be sure to check out our other Native American sterling silver necklaces.

The gem itself has long been prized as a holy stone and a harbinger of good fortune. For example, in ancient Persia, turquoise was worn to ward off bad fortune and premature death, and if the stone changed color, it was believed to be a bad omen. Of course, today we know that changes in stone color can be caused naturally, such as with light and chemical reaction.

Both men and women can benefit from the entrancing beauty of our American Indian turquoise necklaces. Besides being a popular accessory that complements many types of outfits, turquoise is also the birthstone for people born in December. Whether you are wearing it as a talisman, a traditional birthstone, or as a gorgeous complement to your favorite dress, you're sure to appreciate the sublime quality of our American Indian jewelry.

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Southwest Silver Gallery provides the finest Native American jewelry available from the Navajo, Hopi, Zuni, and Santo Domingo tribes. All of our selections feature authentic, high-grade turquoise jewelry, and many of these pieces are designed by award-winning artists who stamp their completed pieces with their official hallmark.

Whether you are looking for Navajo or Zuni jewelry, contemporary or traditional pieces, you're sure to find a gorgeous piece that speaks to you. Browse our selection of Southwestern turquoise necklaces and find the necklace that is right for you.