Watch Faces

Looking for high-quality Native American watch faces? At Southwest Silver Gallery, we take great pride in the products that we offer. Our high-quality watch faces are the perfect option for anyone who requires a replacement face for their favorite watch, or for anyone who is interested in creating a custom timepiece using their own Native American watch band. We carry both traditional and Native American-inspired watch faces so you can select the ideal companion for your favorite strap.

Choose the Perfect Watch

We have a wide assortment of high-quality watch faces for you to browse. If you require something traditional, our large/men's Round Watch Face is an excellent choice. If you have a Native American watch band of your own, you may want to pair it with our Native American-inspired Man in the Maze, Silver Bear, or Round Lizard watch faces. We also offer a stunning Turquoise Nugget watch face if you prefer something a little more exotic. Each of our quality watch faces utilizes a battery-operated quarts movement, and the oval or rectangle pin size may vary.

The Symbol of Life

native-american-watches.jpgOur Man in the Maze watch face is a particularly interesting piece with a great deal of meaning in traditional Native American culture. It depicts a person at the entrance to a maze that ultimately has just one single path, in spite of all of the winding turns and complications along the way. As you might imagine, this symbolizes the journey of life, and all that it entails - including sadness, joy, success, defeat, love, loss, and more. Reaching the center of the maze is said to represent the end of the journey when the traveler has one final chance to look back at the path of his life before the Sun God welcomes him into the afterlife.

Turquoise and Mysticism

american-indian-watches.jpgAs you browse our inventory, you will notice a great deal of turquoise. That is no coincidence. Turquoise is a stone of protection, warding off evil. It is also a symbol of wealth and prosperity, and was once used as a currency just like gold. Native American priests used to cover themselves in turquoise body paint and jewelry and perform ceremonies to the great creator. There are countless legends and beliefs related to turquoise, and our Turquoise Nugget watch continues that ancient tradition.

The Southwest Silver Gallery Difference

We are a family-owned business, and we are proud to put our name on each and every one of our superior products. In fact, we are so confident that you will be 100% satisfied with your purchase that we offer a 30 day guarantee on all of our fine products. If you have any problems at all, just send the watch face back and we will be more than happy to replace it for you, no question asked. We believe that happy customers are the key to a successful business, and we go to great lengths to make sure that our valued customers want to return.

Order High-End Watch Faces Today

The quality of our watch faces is unparalleled, and the price is always right. Our sophisticated watch faces are ideal for timepiece collectors, or for anyone who just wants to add something special to their wardrobe. If you have any questions about Native American watch faces, or about any of our fine products, please feel free to call 1-888-476-4367 or send us a message online. Purchase a high-quality traditional or Native American-inspired watch face for less online at Southwest Silver Gallery today.