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Our Native American silver rings feature some of the finest designs available from the American Southwest. We seek out high quality wearable works of art from award-winning and celebrated Southwest and Native American artists from New Mexico and Arizona. We carry a wide variety of rings in size 8, as well as rings in other sizes, so you can choose a ring that fits you comfortably. The elegant designs, vibrant gemstones, and sleek sterling silver of our rings are all sourced from authentic artists using authentic materials to perfect their craft.

Exquisite Jewelry

Sterling silver was used by metalworkers as early as the 12th century to fashion currencies, and later jewelry and cutlery. Pure silver is often too soft to fashion into useful objects, so various reinforcing alloys are added to improve its strength, making it into sterling silver. Our Native American silver rings feature high-grade 0.925 sterling silver, and a variety of rare, authentic gemstones such as turquoise, amethyst, amber, pearl, and onyx.

The Navajo and Zuni are particularly well known for their silversmithing skills. In fact, the Zuni learned important techniques from the Navajo and went on to continue the craft, developing what are now highly respected gemstone inlay techniques, which produce silver work with beautiful and colorful patchworks of gemstones embedded within.

Turquoise is an important gemstone in many Southwestern Native American cultures, as well as countless ancient cultures over thousands of years. Turquoise was used extensively in ancient Egyptian, Aztec, and Persian cultures, and was believed to bring fortune and life, which is still a belief held by cultures today. We select for rare, genuine turquoise gemstones in our Native American silver rings, and the same goes for other gemstones used in our rings.

We carry rings in size 8, as well as rings in size 5 to 12 and over, and we provide custom ring sizes for our gem inlay rings. Whatever your size, we'll see to it that you can find a ring that fits your style.

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Southwest Silver Gallery strives to provide the highest quality Hopi, Zuni, Navajo, and Santo Domingo jewelry coming out of the Southwest. We work with talented and respected artists - some of them award winning, and some of them up and coming - to deliver a selection of the finest silver and gemstone jewelry. Our Native American silver rings feature a satisfaction guarantee, and each piece comes with a certificate of authenticity to ensure you are getting the genuine materials and works of art from serious artists.

Take a look at our selection of size 8 rings; we carry a variety of brilliant designs that offer something for everyone. If you have any questions about our selection, call us at 888-476-4367. Check out our gallery today!