Fetish Necklaces & Pendants

For centuries, Native American Zuni tribes have crafted intricate carvings of animals using organic materials such as bone, stone, clay, shells, wood, and whatever else is available. These carvings - called fetishes - are a wonder to behold, and they carry a rich and magical tradition. Jewelry is another extremely important American Indian cultural staple, so it's not surprising that fetish jewelry became so prevalent. Our genuine Zuni fetish necklaces are the perfect addition to any fine or casual jewelry collection.

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zuni-necklace.jpgOur Zuni fetish necklaces and pendants let you carry your fetish close to your heart, just like the Zunis. Our carefully curated collection includes a wide variety of stunning pieces, including fetishes made from mother of pearl, turquoise, fossilized ivory, and even one carved from antler by renowned Zuni artist Galvin Weeka. Choose from animals like frogs, bears, buffalo, and plenty of others. Each piece is sourced from local Native American tribes so you can buy with complete confidence in its authenticity.

Add Some Native American Flair to Your Jewelry Collection

Zuni fetish necklaces are surprisingly versatile, complementing a simple t-shirt or a formal dress with equal success. Native American jewelry has become quite trendy in recent times, but really this is an ageless style that will truly last forever. Simultaneously archaic and modern, few other fashion accessories are able to capture so much history and culture in such a stylish package. Our necklaces and pendants also make fantastic gifts for friends, family members, and loved ones.

Fetishes throughout History

fetishes-pendants.jpgFetishes are much more than toys or fashion accessories to the Native Americans. Each animal has its own personality and significance that is applied to many aspects of life. For instance, it was common for hunters to perform rituals with eagle, wolf, bear, and other prey fetishes before leaving on a journey. They would place the fetish in a buckskin bag around their neck so it would remain close to the heart to aid the hunter in his chase. The Zunis revered these fetishes so highly that they were periodically "fed" a meal of ground turquoise and cornmeal. They were also carefully stored in clay pots for protection.

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If you are interested in procuring Zuni fetish necklaces, it is imperative that you only deal with trusted sellers. The difference between a genuine Zuni fetish and a counterfeit is night and day, so don't be fooled. We make buying genuine Native American jewelry easy by refusing to sell anything less than the best. We are a family-owned business, and we work directly with well-known local artists from Navajo, Hopi, Zuni, and Santo Domingo tribes so that we can confidently guarantee superior products.

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