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We carry the most exquisite Southwestern turquoise rings in the Native American jewelry industry. Our turquoise stones are rare, authentic pieces, and each is a masterpiece of its own. We feature rings size 10 and up - or as small as size 5 - that are designed by award-winning Native American artists. We also carry other stones such as onyx, jet, coral, spiny oyster, and lapis, as well as elegant ring designs featuring just silver, or gold and silver.

A Revered Stone

Turquoise figures as an important gemstone in traditional and contemporary Native American jewelry, especially in the Southwest, where much of the stone occurs geologically. In fact, there are records of turquoise usage by native tribes in Mexico and the Southwest since 200 B.C. There is archaeological evidence that the Anasazi and Hohokam excavated turquoise in the Burro Mountains and Cerrillos in New Mexico, and that the Aztecs also excavated turquoise from the Cerrillos. In Arizona, turquoise from the Kingman and Morenci mines has been found hundreds of miles away in other sites, and is understood to have been used extensively in trade.

Our Southwestern turquoise rings feature craftsmanship and artistic designs that draw upon this rich historical heritage. Besides its history in the Southwest, turquoise has turned up in ancient Egyptian, Persian, Chinese, and Mesopotamian cultures, as well as countless others. In many cultures, turquoise has been believed to bring life and fortune to its owners, and has been held as a symbol of wealth. These beliefs and customs still figure into Native American jewelry-making today.

In addition, our silver rings are made using Navajo and Hopi silversmithing techniques that date back centuries, with sterling silver used as the prime crafting material. In addition to our silver and Southwestern turquoise rings, we also carry rings with other gemstones. For example, jet, or anthracite coal, is a beautiful black sedimentary rock that was formed by prehistoric plants dating millions of years and is featured in many of our contemporary and traditional forms of inlay rings. Coral, another gem, appears in inlay rings as well, and is one of the few known organic gems.

Authentic Beauty

Our Southwestern turquoise rings, along with our other ring types, feature rare and authentic gemstones. The materials and designs are directly sourced from local Southwest Indian tribes such as the Zuni, Hopi, Navajo, and Santo Domingo people, and we select pieces from our favorite award-winning artists to present to our customers. Each of our pieces comes with a certificate of authenticity, and we do not import or use fabricated or artificial materials.

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