Jewelry Repair

We offer a 6 month workmanship warranty free of charge. So if a stone pops loose or is lost just send it to us. Items that have been damaged will only be charged actual repair costs from the silversmith and shipping in the event the silversmith charges a fee depending on the damage. Many of our silversmiths do not charge a fee unless you have badly damaged it. Repairs take approx. 3-8 weeks turn around time depending on the silversmith. When sending an item back to us please include your contact information inside the box with the item and any information you may have about your order so that we may look up a picture of the item in its original state.

Sales are final on rings that have been sized to a different size.

We only repair items purchased from us. For other turquoise jewelry and Native American jewelry of your own in need of repair, you may contact Chuck at Jewelers Repair Shop. He repairs both gold and silver jewelry and all styles of Native American jewelry. He will also do repair work for most international customers.

Jewelers Repair Shop
6910 Central SE
Albuquerque, NM  87108



Questions asked...

"I purchased a turquoise heishi necklace from you 3 years ago. I broke this and it needs to be restrung. Can you fix this for me?"  
Yes,  you can send this to us. Please include your contact and order information if you have this. Please allow 3-8 weeks depending on the artist who made this. 

"I have a Zuni needle point ring that I inherited from my mother and there is a stone missing. Can you help me?"  
Yes, I can refer you to someone who does reliable repair work"

"I bought a turquoise inlay ring last year for my husband and a couple of the stones fell out. Can you fix this?"  
Yes, please send this to us, and we will have the silversmith who made this do the repair work. 

"I purchased a turquoise bracelet from you 2 months ago and dropped it and cracked the stone. Will you fix this for me and if so what will the cost be?"  
Yes, we will have this fixed for you. We will only charge if the silversmith who made it charges for the stone.