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The largest southwest Native American Indian reservation and the nations largest tribe is that of the Navajo Indians. Their reservation is in Northern Arizona, New Mexico and southwestern Utah. Navajo Indian jewelry is probably the most well known style of Native American Jewelry.

The first Navajo Indian believed to have learned to silversmith is Atsidi Sani in the 1850's with the first pieces being knives and bridles. The first Navajo to make Turquoise Jewelry with silver was Atsidi Chon. Some of the first pieces the Navajo Indians made were with melted coins. The Navajo Indians are today the largest producers of Native American jewelry.

Navajo Indian jewelry today is traditionally jewelry with silver leaves, flowers, beads and hand stamp work. The popular Navajo jewelry styles also include sandcast jewelry, naja pendantssquash blossom necklaces, silver beads, and concho or concha belts. Some of these early silver jewelry designs are believed to have come from the Spaniards . Today, the Navajo create not only Turquoise Jewelry but use a variety of other gemstones as well.

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