Zuni Jewelry

Indian Jewelry

Zuni culture is rooted in nature, tradition, and spirituality; all elements are evident in Zuni Indian jewelry. Centuries of exceptional lapidary work and silversmithing have resulted in today’s remarkable Zuni jewelry. As such, Zuni fetish carvings have become some of the most iconic Native American jewelry styles, and Zuni stonework is second to none.

Meaningful Zuni Jewelry

The Zuni people have lived in the American Southwest for thousands of years. Their culture and religion is largely rooted in the tribe’s close ties to their surroundings. From mountains and forests to riverways and animals, every part of the Zuni homeland is represented in their jewelry. Birds take flight, butterflies soar, and rams stand proud, each piece carved with delicacy and precision.

Since part of the way Zuni people express their culture and traditions is through painting, pottery, and jewelry, everything they create has significance and meaning. Zuni jewelry is a material record of their past and a hidden look into their future.

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Carefully crafted from high-quality, genuine stones and materials, each piece is made by local Zuni artists, many of whom have won awards and honors. Choose a piece of Zuni Indian jewelry and receive a certificate of authenticity with it.

We have such a vast selection of authentic Zuni jewelry, from necklaces and bracelets to earrings and pins, so why shop anywhere else? Discover our Zuni collection today.