Santo Domingo Jewelry

The Santo Domingo tribe is known for producing exquisite jewelry, often crafted from turquoise, shell, and silver. While Santo Domingo artists have produced a wide range of unique jewelry styles over the years, it’s their “heishi” beads that have become the most iconic and recognizable. Today, Santo Domingo Pueblo jewelry continues to be highly desirable for its beauty, craftsmanship, and longstanding history.

Santo Domingo Jewelry

The word “heishi” is the Santo Domingo word for “shell.” It is typically a tiny, thin bead made from shell, coral, or turquoise. Santo Domingo artists string many heishi beads together to make necklaces. Santo Domingo jewelry makers are also known for creating pieces with mosaic inlay on shell or bone.

The classic American Indian thunderbird necklace can also be attributed to Santo Domingo Pueblo jewelry artisans. As you browse our hand-curated Santo Domingo collection, you’ll see wonderful examples of these Santo Domingo jewelry designs and more.

Authentic American Indian Jewelry

As Native American jewelry becomes more and more desirable, it’s not surprising that it’s becoming increasingly common for imitators to copy Santo Domingo designs and styles. We strive to support our local artists by ensuring that their authentic Santo Domingo Pueblo jewelry reaches you.

Most of our high-quality Native American jewelry includes the artist’s hallmark and/or a certificate of authenticity. If you have any questions about artists or authenticity, reach out to us at 1-888-476-4367 or send us a message online.