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Silver Cross Earring Sets

cross-earrings.jpgSouthwest Silver Gallery works with Santo Domingo, Navajo, and other Southwest artists to bring you the most exquisite and authentic Native American cross earrings. Our sterling silver cross jewelry are light and easily wearable with your favorite wardrobe pieces, and they make for perfect accessories to bring to any occasion. We feature unmatched earring designs from award-winning and highly reputable Native American artists hailing from regions in New Mexico and Arizona.

Quality Craftsmanship

The designs of our Native American cross earrings are highly varied and unique; you won't find earrings like these anywhere else. Our cross earrings feature various stylistic flourishes with sterling silver, as well as authentic gemstones such as onyx, pink mother of pearl, coral, turquoise, spiny oyster shell, and other gems.

cross-earrings-1.jpgThe .925 sterling silver used in our selection of cross earrings has been used in traditional Native American jewelry for over a century, and we only carry pieces with authentic gemstones utilized by talented Native American artists.

Our turquoise cross earrings feature authentic gemstones that have been revered by countless cultures across human history. Turquoise is believed by Native American tribes to bring good fortune, and for many cultures it has symbolized wealth and life. Turquoise is incredibly important to traditional and contemporary forms of Native American jewelry. Due to the high demand for this gemstone, turquoise has become increasingly rare, and more and more imitation gemstones and adulterated turquoise pieces have shown up on the market.

Our turquoise is 100% authentic, as are the other types of gemstone we carry such as coral, spiny oyster shell, and onyx, all of which are favored gemstones in Native American jewelry-making. Our Native American cross earrings come in enough artistic styles to please anyone's aesthetic taste, and you're sure to find a pair of earrings to go with every outfit.

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Southwest Silver Gallery is a family-owned company, and we've developed close relationships with several local Native American tribes in the American Southwest in order to source the highest quality materials in the region, as well as work with the most talented Native American artists in the industry to produce dazzling and unique jewelry pieces for our customers. Our Native American cross earrings are the perfect complement to our other jewelry selections such as our necklaces, bracelets, pendants, rosaries, and more.

Start browsing our galleries to discover what our favorite Santo Domingo, Navajo, and Southwest artists have to offer. Have any questions about our jewelry pieces? Feel free to contact us at 888-476-4367 and we'll be happy to help you with any questions or concerns you may have. Check out our selection now and order the cross earrings that speak to you.