Silver Earrings - No Stones

Native American jewelry-making is a time-honored tradition that has produced some of the finest pieces of jewelry available. Tribes such as the Navajo, Hopi, and Pueblo learned silversmithing from the Spanish in the 1800s, and today Indian artisans have perfected that practice, creating truly stunning works of wearable art. Our genuine American Indian silver earrings continue that custom, allowing you to own and wear a gorgeous piece of history that you are sure to treasure for a lifetime.

Buy Authentic Native American Jewelry

silver-earrings-2.jpgWe proudly offer authentic .925 sterling silver earrings that are sourced from local Zuni, Navajo, Hopi and Santo Domingo Indian tribes. Our Native American silver earrings without stones are timeless, sophisticated, and versatile, and most are stamped with the hallmark of their award-winning artist. If you are seeking unique jewelry with real personality, our earrings are a wonderful choice. Add our fashion-forward silver earrings to your jewelry collection today.

Our Earrings Are Versatile and Timeless

Our Native American silver earrings are the perfect companion to virtually any attire. These silver earrings can easily complement a contemporary or vintage outfit, and they will never go out of style. If you are tired of the same old mass-produced jewelry, this is an exciting opportunity to own high-quality jewelry with real history and character. We have customers from all over the world and from all age groups, which speaks volumes about our jewelry's universal appeal. Our high-quality jewelry captures the Native American spirit, making it the perfect choice for anyone who appreciates the beloved Indian culture and style.

The Southwest Silver Gallery Difference

silver-earrings-3.jpgJewelry enthusiasts seek out our Native American silver jewelry because it combines the traditional designs of yesterday with modern skill and techniques that you just can't get from other jewelry makers. Discerning buyers choose to buy from Southwest Silver Gallery because they know they are getting authentic, locally sourced pieces â€" not the cheap copies marketed to tourists. Our one-of-a-kind Native American silver earrings are never imported, so buy with complete confidence, knowing that you are supporting local Native American artists. We will also include a certificate of authenticity with your order.

Why Buy Authentic American Indian Jewelry?

To the untrained eye, imitation Native American jewelry can look somewhat similar to the real thing, so why do informed buyers insist on authenticity? For many collectors, the difference is akin to owning an original painting, rather than a print. Another example is the contrast between buying a purse from a reputable retailer and from a flea market or street vendor. There is a pride that comes with owning a legitimate, genuine piece, rather than a copy that was illegitimately forged merely for profit. Additionally, the quality of materials used and the skills involved are simply incomparable. When you consider the minor price difference between genuine Native American sterling silver earrings and the poor imitations, there really is no question which is the better purchase.

Place Your Order Today

If you are interested in owning silver earrings with enduring appeal, simply select your favorite style and place your order through our convenient website. We offer a 30-day guarantee on all of our fine products, so buy with complete confidence. Enjoy free shipping on all orders over $99, and we will even include a free pair of turquoise stud earrings with purchases of $50 or more. If you have any questions, please feel free to get in touch via our Contact page, or simply call Southwest Silver Gallery at 1-888-476-4367. Add a gorgeous piece of Native American history to your jewelry collection today.