Silver Pendants

To provide the finest Native American pendants on the market, Southwest Silver Gallery works closely with Zuni, Hopi, Navajo, Santo Domingo, and Southwest artists based out of New Mexico and Arizona, and many of the artists we work with are award-winning designers. All of our pendants feature high grade sterling silver, and many of the designs are ideal for any men and women with a taste for American Indian pendants. Due to the wide variety of pendants we have in stock, we have organized our pieces by type: we offer gorgeous turquoise pendants, silver pendants with no stones, silver feather pendants, fetish necklaces and pendants, gemstone pendants, inlay pendants, and heart pendants. We also provide brooches and pins, as well as sets of Native American necklace pendants for those interested.

A Powerful Statement

The modern word "pendant" is derived from the Latin "pendere" and the French "pendant," which mean "to hang." Over the course of thousands of years, human beings have worn jewelry hung from the neck to express reverence for something beautiful, or to otherwise convey a shared cultural meaning that is powerful to them. Our Native American pendants share this heritage, whether in traditional or contemporary form.

Among our Native American pendants, we carry stunning fetish carvings by award-winning Zuni and Navajo artists. The Zuni in particular are famous for their fetish carvings, which are believed to hold great power, and have traditionally served in important tribal ceremonies, especially those for hunters. Each animal was believed to have its own distinct set of powers, and used for the appropriate occasions. Our selection of Native American necklace pendants feature many more designs and forms, each with their own significance, so you are sure to find the piece that truly speaks to you.

Quality Materials

All of our Native American pendants are made from high quality sterling silver, and rare, authentic gemstones that are sourced right from the American Southwest. Turquoise especially has become increasingly rare today, and it is now all-too-common practice to resort to imitation materials and other dishonest practices. However, the jewelry you are getting from Southwest Silver Gallery is completely authentic and natural. Each piece comes with a certificate of authenticity, and your satisfaction is guaranteed.

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Southwest Silver Gallery is pleased to offer a sizable selection of Native American pendants from top American Indian artists. Our family-owned company is dedicated to authentic, significant jewelry pieces and customer satisfaction. If you have any questions, call us at 888-476-4367. Browse our gallery now and order the pendant for you.