Size 7

We carry Native American sterling silver rings in multiple sizes and styles so you can find the ring that is comfortable for you, as well as the style that speaks to your taste. As with our other gallery pages of fine Native American jewelry, all of our rings in size 7 are designed by award-winning Native American and Southwest artists from New Mexico and Arizona. Many of our gem inlay rings can also be special ordered in your size.

High Grade Jewelry

Native American and Southwest jewelry artists are widely regarded for their fine silversmithing skills, and we seek out our favorite award winning artists for our galleries of Native American sterling silver rings. In particular, the Navajo and Zuni artists of the Southwest are especially sought-after for their advanced silversmithing. As it happens, the fundamental techniques of the craft are shared by both tribes, after the Zuni learned from the techniques from the Navajo in the late 19th century, and further developed them into an art form of its own. These tribes typically work with sterling silver, a high quality form of silver with added alloys to make it suitable for ring smithing.

We also select for high quality gemstones in our Native American sterling silver rings, such as turquoise, onyx, lapis lazuli, amethyst, amber, pearl, and others. Turquoise in particular is a favorite in traditional and contemporary Native American jewelry-making, and has been prized by many cultures over the course of thousands of years for its vibrant sky blue hues. The recognizable blue hues of turquoise are produced by the presence of copper and aluminum in the ground, which chemically react with percolating groundwater and other geologic events. The formation of turquoise marks a rare coincidence of countless geologic events, and the increasing rarity of this gemstone today makes its authentic form a highly prized treasure, a treasure that we strive to provide in our galleries.

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Southwest Silver Gallery works with the Hopi, Navajo, Zuni, and Santo Domingo tribes to provide a gallery of high quality Native American sterling silver rings made with authentic materials such as genuine turquoise and other sought-after gemstones. We guarantee satisfaction with our stunning pieces, and we provide a certificate of authenticity for each wearable work of art.

Take a look at our gallery of Native American rings in size 7 today, and if you need another size, we have other size galleries waiting for you. Any questions about fitting or selection? Give us a call at 888-476-4367. Browse our gallery of rings now.