Your purchase is completely Satisfaction Guaranteed. You may return any item for your money back for the price of the item or exchange for any item within 30 days. We want you to be happy!

Your purchase of our  Native American jewelry is 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

We ask that when someone needs to return something that it is returned within 30 days of receipt and in original condition. You will receive a 100% refund of the price of the item. No questions asked!

You may also exchange any item purchased from us. Free shipping back to you on exchanges of equal value or more.

Christmas gifts ordered in November and December can be exchanged or returned through January 10th. Items returned after 30 days or after January 10th will be issued store credit for the amount of the item.


"I ordered a turquoise pendant a couple of weeks ago. Now you have just added another one to your site that I like even better. Can I exchange it? I haven't worn it." Yes, you may if the item is still in an unworn and undamaged condition. Please email us with your request and we will remove the other item from the website for you in the meantime until we receive the other.

"I just received a gift purchased from your website and I have found something else on your website I would rather have. Can I exchange it even though it was purchased a month ago? It is still in mint condition." Yes, you may. Please email us with the item you would like to exchange for and we will remove it from the website for you while we make the exchange.

"I see several pieces of turquoise jewelry that I like and I can't make up my mind. I would like to see them in person and try them on. Is it possible to order them, pick out the ones I like and return the other?" Yes, please note this in the instruction box of shopping cart when ordering.

"Oops, the turquoise stone popped out of my ring and I can't find it....can you fix it or can I get another one? I bought this several months ago"  Yes, I can either fix it or send you another one if I have another one in stock"

"I bought a turquoise watch for my wife last summer {8 months ago} and the watch face quit working. I took it to a jeweler and the battery is still good. Can you do anything for me?" Yes, we give a 1 year replacement guarantee on the watch faces that come with our Native American watch bands. I will send you a new one.

"The turquoise bracelet I just ordered didn't match in color to my turquoise jewelry I was trying to match. Can I switch it for...." Yes, just include instructions for the item you would like to exchange for when sending this one in along with your order or contact information.

"Hi! I purchased a turquoise ring 2 months ago for my boyfriend. I just gave it to him for his birthday and it doesn't fit. Can we exchange it for another one?" Yes, just let me know which one you would like to exchange it for and include contact information and  instructions for the item for exchange when sending this one in.