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Silver Cross Necklace & Pendant Sets

cross-pendant.jpgSouthwest Silver Gallery works with Santo Domingo, Navajo, Zuni, and Southwest artists from Arizona and New Mexico to bring you the most stunning and unique authentic Native American jewelry in the American Southwest. Our selection of silver cross jewelry, including these pendants and necklaces features beautiful turquoise silver cross pendants, silver turquoise bead necklaces, onyx and garnet silver cross necklaces, and many other necklaces and pendants featuring various precious gemstones and American Indian designs.

Authentic Native American Cross Necklaces & Pendants

All of our Native American silver cross pendants and necklaces feature authentic Native American silver-work with genuine .925 sterling silver. Native American tribes in the Southwest have been working with sterling silver for generations, perfecting silver bead-making and silver-smithing since the late 19th century.

Sterling silver is actually fine silver that has additional alloys added to it such as copper or platinum. This is because pure silver is very soft and difficult to fashion into lasting shapes, and the additional alloys help to improve the strength and integrity of the material. Many of our sterling silver pieces then incorporate a variety of gemstone types to complete the work. Included here is authentic turquoise, which is an important gemstone in traditional Native American jewelry.

High Quality Gemstones

cross-pendant-1.jpgOur turquoise silver cross pendants use exquisite Southwestern turquoise gemstones, which have figured prominently in many Native American jewelry-making traditions, and which have been revered by countless cultures across time such as the Aztecs, Egyptians, Persians, and Chinese. This gem hasn't always been called ""turquoise," but the name itself came into use sometime in the 17th century, and was derived from "turques" which is French for "Turks." This is because turquoise was first brought into Europe from Turkey, where it takes on its modern name.

Turquoise has become increasingly rare, and many merchants have taken to adulterating their turquoise or producing artificial imitations, but the turquoise in our turquoise silver cross pendants is 100% pure and sourced from mines in the American Southwest. The same is the case with the other gemstones used in our other pieces such as gaspeite, spiny oyster, jet, onyx, and others. Given the stylistic variations in our jewelry, both men and women of varying aesthetic tastes can find something to love in our jewelry selection.

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Southwest Silver Gallery sources our turquoise silver cross pendants and other pendant and necklace pieces from talented local Native American artists. We carry both traditional and contemporary designs from the most respected artists of the craft. All of our materials are completely genuine and high quality, and we seek out only the best pieces for our customers. If you have questions about our gallery, give us a call at 888-476-4367. Take a look at our selection today!