Amethyst Jewelry

Amethyst jewelry features the the purple variety of quartz, and one of the most desirable varieties available. The soft purple hue is calming and it has an otherworldly quality that’s hard to find anywhere else. All of our Native American amethyst jewelry highlights these mystical elements and unique attributes, combining the unmatched skill of American Indian artists with amethyst’s exquisite natural beauty. This results in heirloom-quality pieces worthy of any jewelry collection.

Own a Piece of History

Gemstones and other natural materials such as bone and shell have long been used in many aspects of Native American culture. These materials, especially amethyst, turquoise, and onyx, were said to have unique healing powers and characteristics. Even today, amethyst is known for its ability to calm, relieve stress, and promote good health.

Whether you believe in the mystical power of stones or you just love the beauty of amethyst gems, there is no denying the breathtaking beauty of our Native American amethyst jewelry. There’s something very special about owning jewelry with such a fascinating piece of mythology, lore, and history. Create your own story with our one-of-a-kind American Indian jewelry.

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