Cross Bracelets

Silver Cross Bracelets

cross-bracelets-2.jpgCross bracelets are incredibly popular as accessories and expressions of faith. Our Native American silver cross jewelry are predominantly made by talented Navajo artists and feature various styles such as silver cuffs and charms to express your own personal style. Our gemstone pieces like our turquoise cross bracelets, spiny oyster shell charms, lapis charms, and coral charms feature authentic, high-grade gemstones, and our sterling silver cross bracelet styles are genuine .925 sterling silver. We only carry jewelry pieces of the highest craftsmanship, and we work with some of the top Native American artists in the Southwest to offer truly memorable pieces.

Unmatched Craftsmanship

Our silver cuff bracelets feature beautiful silver-smithing work, and you will find incredible silver stamp work on our charm bracelets. We select for distinguished Native American silver artists who put care into their unique works, and who draw from time-tested silversmithing techniques such as hand stamping and hand casting, which have been in use by tribes such as the Navajo for over a century.

Early forms of casting were done in sandstone and volcanic "tufas," which had the designs carved into them and were blackened with smoke to avoid silver sticking to the cast. These types of casts tended to wear out pretty quickly, and today most hand casting is done with concrete and oil molds. Early forms of Native American silver-smithing tended to use melted down American or Mexican silver coins for their casts, which were known as ingots, or silver casted into a shape that is useful for further work.

Authentic Materials

cross-bracelets-1.jpgOur turquoise cross bracelets combine a timeless spiritual symbol with a gemstone that carries significant cultural meaning for many Native American tribes. Turquoise is believed to bring health and good fortune, and to many cultures it is a symbol of wealth and holiness. Due to sustained demand, the availability of turquoise has waned, and artificial imitations have flooded the market. However our turquoise is completely authentic and directly sourced out of Southwestern mines. Our sterling silver and turquoise cross bracelets look great with any outfit, and our selection of styles and gemstones is sure to please anyone with a discerning taste in jewelry.

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Southwest Silver Gallery has been working with Navajo, Hopi, Zuni, and Santo Domingo artists to provide the finest Native American bracelets, necklaces, earrings, and rings in the American Southwest. We are a family-owned company that establishes close relationships with talented local artists to provide unique and high-quality jewelry, each piece a work of art. We welcome you to explore our gallery of turquoise cross bracelets, as well as our sterling silver bracelets, and our bracelets containing other authentic gemstones. We're confident that you'll find the piece that is right for you, and you can call us at 888-476-4367 if you have any questions about our selection. Browse our gallery today and order your bracelet!