Gemstone Pendants

We carry an extensive collection of Native American gemstone pendants crafted by Zuni, Navajo, Santo Domingo, and Hopi artists based out of Arizona and New Mexico. Many of the artists we work with are award-winning and highly regarded in the Native American jewelry industry, and we work only with high quality materials and jewelry pieces that are sourced from local tribes and mines. We think you'll agree with us that our selection of gemstone pendants is breathtaking, and we're confident that our design selections can satisfy a diversity of tastes.

Revered Gemstones

For thousands of years, pendants have been used by countless human cultures as adornments expressing various shared cultural meanings, and an appreciation for beauty. The modern usage of the word "pendant” comes from the Latin "pendere” and the French "pendant,” both of which mean "to hang.” Our Native American gemstone pendants feature a culmination of centuries of tradition and shared cultural works, and come in many shapes and forms. Our pendants are made using sterling silver, a form of fine silver that has been combined with alloys such as copper, germanium, platinum, or zinc in order to strengthen it to a point of functionality for jewelry-making. The invention of sterling silver dates back to the 12th century, when kingdoms in Europe developed it for currency purposes.

Our pendants feature a variety of gemstones such as turquoise, onyx, lapis, amethyst, malachite, sugilite, blue topaz, amber, white buffalo, jet, gaspeite, and others, all of which have fascinating histories of their own in jewelry-making. Turquoise is one of the oldest gemstones found in human historical records, and has been revered for thousands of years by cultures such as the ancient Egyptians, Persians, Mesopotamians, Aztecs, and Mesoamericans. Amethyst comes for the Greek expression for "not drunken” and was thought to bring peace of mind, and protection from becoming drunk. Amber is a beautiful organic gem that is formed out of fossilized tree sap that can contain organic matter, plants, and insects that are millions of years old. There are many other fascinating facts behind our gems, all of which can be found in our gemstone directory.

We offer stunning designs for both men and women, and our Native American gemstone pendants feature everything from culturally significant fetish carvings to crosses and gemstone inlay pendants.

Authentic and Natural

All of our gemstone pendants feature materials and gemstones that are 100% authentic and natural. We do not import stones, but source them from local Southwestern regions, and we do not carry imitations or fabrications. Each of our pendants comes with a certificate of authenticity, and your satisfaction is guaranteed.

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Southwest Silver Gallery selects for only the highest quality jewelry designed by award-winning Native American artists. Our family-owned company is dedicated to providing a selection of high-grade jewelry for customers who care. Call us at 888-476-4367 if you have any questions. Browse through our exquisite gallery of Native American gemstone pendants and find yours today.