rosaries.jpgThe rosary is an important aspect of Roman Catholic tradition, as its beads allow wearers to symbolically count out their prayers as they handle their rosaries. Rosaries also make for wonderful pieces of jewelry, and if you are looking for a unique and meaningful piece in particular, we carry Native American rosary beads that feature craftsmanship that will leave you stunned. We have turquoise rosary beads, amethyst rosary beads, and multi color freshwater pearl rosary beads so you can choose the coloring and style that speaks to you. We work with respected Southwest artists out of New Mexico to provide a varied selection of incredible pieces for our customers.

Authentic Materials

Our rosaries feature high-quality .925 sterling silver beads which are interspersed with our gemstones, and even adorned with silver crucifixes. Sterling silver has been used in Native American jewelry for well over a century, and since the late 19th century, various tribes in the American Southwest have been perfecting the art of producing handmade and machine-made silver beads. Sterling silver was invented in Europe as early as the 12th century to account for the softness of fine silver. On its own, fine silver is generally too soft to be shaped into lasting objects, so various alloys like copper are added to the silver to make it more durable. It is thought that "sterling" is derived from "ster" which is "strong" or "stout."

rosaries-1.jpgOur gemstones are 100% genuine and we carry traditionally beloved gemstones such as turquoise, amethyst, and pearl. Our turquoise rosary beads feature authentic turquoise, sourced directly from mines in the American Southwest. Turquoise is a highly sought traditional gemstone used in generations upon generations of Native American jewelry, due to its significant cultural meaning. Turquoise is believed by many cultures to be a symbol of wealth and good fortune, which it protects its wearer and encourages a prosperous life.

Because of this, turquoise is in high demand, and many older turquoise mines have been exhausted, encouraging unscrupulous sellers to develop imitation turquoise or adulterated turquoise. However the materials in our turquoise rosary beads are completely authentic and high quality. Men and women can find pieces in our gallery to love, and we offer a variety of styles and gemstone types that anyone can fall in love with.

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Southwest Silver Gallery is proud to provide a selection of the highest-grade jewelry from the most respected Native American artists in the Southwest. We are a family-owned business that works carefully with local tribes to provide authentic and well-crafted jewelry. Need help navigating our selection? Call us at 888-476-4367 and we'll be happy to help. Shop our quality selection of turquoise rosary beads and order yours today.