Silver Pendants

Our gorgeous collection of Native American sterling silver pendants features striking designs by Zuni, Santo Domingo, Hopi, Navajo, and other Southwestern artists from Arizona and New Mexico. Many of the artists we work with are award-winning, and we maintain a diverse collection of unique designs that both men and women of varying tastes can find appealing. We carry silver necklace pendants with high grade .925 sterling silver, and some of our pieces contain 12K and 14K gold for added design accents.

Timeless Beauty

Our Native American sterling silver pendants feature timeless designs that have a rich history behind them. Pendants have been worn by humans for thousands of years to display various objects of beauty, or to communicate and transmit shared cultural meanings. Sterling silver pendants have a particularly unique place in Southwest Native American jewelry, due to the advanced state of Navajo and Hopi silversmithing in particular.

Silver Pendant Designs

Pendant designs can vary anywhere from feather pendants to silver cross pendants, pictographs, stylized animals, and many more. Many of our sterling silver jewelry pendants are feather pendants, and the feather is an especially important symbol to many Native American tribes. Feathers that have dropped down from birds, especially eagles, are thought to be signs from the heavens, as these birds are flying the closest to them. Feathers are passed down from tribes to warriors, braves, and chieftains for courageous acts, and to bestow honor, trust, power, and other significant blessings upon them.

Besides feathers, we have many other designs that you will surely find beautiful and significant. Our crosses, turtles, buffalo, horses, horseshoes, arrowheads, and butterflies are all full of historic and cultural meaning, and we work closely with the top Native American jewelry artists to bring you unique, personalized works.

Unrivaled Quality

The sterling silver used in our Native American sterling silver pendants is 0.925, which means it is 92.5% fine silver, the ratio required for genuine sterling. The other 7.5% is an added alloy, usually copper or several other alloys, which is added to fine silver to make it more durable and functional for jewelry, as pure silver is usually too soft to form lasting objects. Our high quality silver jewelry is sourced directly from local tribes, and as a family business we work closely with the tribes to provide high grade, personalized, and meaningful jewelry for our customers.

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Southwest Silver Gallery is pleased to offer the finest traditional and contemporary Native American sterling silver pendants on the market, and we are here to help you find a personalized piece of jewelry that communicates to you. We guarantee your satisfaction. Don't hesitate to call us at 888-476-4367 with any questions you may have. Take a look at our gallery and choose the piece for you today.