Searching for High-Grade Turquoise Jewelry?

Posted by Claudia on Sep 25th 2015


Good high-grade turquoise comes in many shades of blues and greens. The turquoise should have good depth of color whether it is blue or green. The matrix should catch the eye or draw to the overall appeal in which is called the “zat” out here in the southwest. Turquoise that naturally has the color and is hard enough to cut without stabilization is considered a very good grade of turquoise. When picking out turquoise cabochons, I am looking for the depth of color that catches my eye and the matrix. I will look at the lapidary cut and the polished finish of the stone.

Natural and/or high-grade turquoise is becoming harder to obtain from our American turquoise mines. The supply is dwindling and some mines have closed. Turquoise from some mines can be more expensive and collectible than others. If you are looking for a collectible piece of high-grade turquoise, look for turquoise that has a rich color and overall appeal for you. Collecting from our American turquoise mines would be on the top of my list. Then I would look at the beauty of the setting. Turquoise from all of our American turquoise mines will more than likely be collectible in the future. Finding a piece of high-grade turquoise jewelry that appeal s to you and you enjoy wearing is the most important overall.

These are a few of the newest and my favorite pieces of natural, high-grade turquoise jewelry ~

high-grade-blue-turquoise.png royston-turquoise-silver-ring-2.png royston-turquoise-silver-ring.png