Gemstone Necklaces

We carry a large selection of handmade gemstone necklaces, featuring classic gemstones such as turquoise, amethyst, onyx, blue topaz, tiger eye, spiny oyster, malachite, lapis, and much more. All of our Native American silver necklaces and gemstone necklaces feature the finest craftsmanship in the Navajo, Santo Domingo, Zuni, and Southwest communities. These necklaces are 100% authentic, and are made from rare, pure materials which lend an irresistible beauty to the pieces. Be sure to check out our other Native American sterling silver necklaces.

Authentic Gemstones

All of the gemstones we select for in our pieces have been sought-after for centuries - some of them for thousands of years - and feature a colorful history of their own. For example, the purple amethyst was thought by the Greek to prevent drunkenness, and bring peace to the mind; the name "amethyst" itself means "not drunken". Some of our Native American silver necklaces make stunning use of the amethyst. Another legendary gem, the blue lapis lazuli, was revered by the ancient Babylonians and Egyptians for its brilliant blue hues.

Not to be outdone, turquoise has been prized for thousands of years by various great cultures across time, and is known as one of the oldest gemstones in history. Turquoise was used in cultural works by the Aztecs, Egyptians, Mesopotamians, Southwestern indigenous tribes, and other cultures. This legendary stone features in many of our Native American silver necklaces. It was believed by many cultures to bring good fortune and life, and served as a symbol for wealth.

Our selection of handmade gemstone necklaces features a wide variety of stones and designs; regardless of taste, you'll find a piece that speaks to you. We carry diverse styles such as inlay bead necklaces, beaded gemstone necklaces, fetish necklaces, collar necklaces, leather necklaces, glass and shell necklaces, and many more. Both men and women can find designs to suit them, and the wealth of styles means you'll never have a problem selecting a piece to go with your favorite outfit.

Find the One for You

Southwest Silver Gallery strives to deliver the highest quality jewelry available to our customers. We select for high-grade, rare, authentic materials, and our jewelry is sourced from local Native American tribes such as the Zuni, Navajo, Hopi, and Santo Domingo tribes. We have no need to import or introduce fake or adulterated materials. Quality materials are one thing, but our jewelry designs are incredibly unique and striking. Our Native American silver necklaces are designed by award-winning artists who are well known for their traditional and contemporary designs.

Feel free to browse our galleries and view our selections. We are here to help you find high quality jewelry that you will cherish for a lifetime. Give us a call at 888-476-4367 if you have any questions about our inventory. Browse our galleries today.