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Turquoise Watches / Turquoise Watch Bands

Welcome to our gallery of turquoise watches and turquoise watchbands!

We have a large selection of men’s turquoise watch bands and turquoise watches for women. Our silver watch bands, women’s cuff watch bracelets, men’s turquoise watch are made by southwestern and Native American jewelry artists from New Mexico and Arizona.


Our turquoise and silver watch bands are made by Navajo, Zuni and Hopi Indian artists. All of our watch bands come with a Certificate of Authenticity and your Satisfaction is Guaranteed. 

If your watch face quits working with in 6 months and you have had the battery checked please let us know. We will offer a replacement free of charge. You may also request buying a watch band without the watch face. This is usually $20.00 less in price.                                                                                                               Watches with the expansion bands or flexible bands come in an average mens or womens size. If you would like to get close to accurate your size include in the instruction box when ordering your wrist size. Use a tape measure or piece of string and measure this for size. We also have instructions for adjusting expansion bands for watches. I do have replacement flexible watch bands in stock for men and women - please email me if you do not see these listed. Let me know if you are looking for something in particular also.

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In the early to mid twentieth century, Native American jewelry artists started creating silver watch band bracelets. The watch band is either decorative silver watch tips or turquoise watch tips attached with to an expansion band or a silver watch bracelet that a watch face is attached in the center and worn as a silver watch cuff bracelet. These silver watch bracelets style after the traditional silver bracelet with a stone in the center, except there is a watch face in the center. Many of these come with turquoise or turquoise and coral stones at the sides of the bracelet. The watch bracelets are made with hand stamped designs or with decorative designs of silver flowers and leaves. The turquoise watch and silver cuff watches were not a traditional piece of Native American jewelry and were mainly made at the time for the tourist trade. Turquoise watch bands and silver cuff watch for women have become in style with Native American jewelry, non-native Americans and internationally as well. The Native American watch and Native American watch bands have become a popular jewelry item in our culture blending style with function.

The Navajo watch band has become a statement in style in American Indian jewelry. The Navajo create Indian watch bands adorned with a variety of gemstones to choose from. Their silver watch band comes with turquoise, coral, onyx, lapis, malachite, opal, amethyst and more stones. The Navajo Jewelry artists also are making turquoise inlay watch bands. They also create silver watch bands with a toggle closure and lobster clasp in bracelet fashion that is worn loosely. The Navajo watch band also is created with out stones with hand stamped designs or ornate style with flowers and leaves in their sterling silver watch band.

We also carry styles of the turquoise watch band by the Zuni Indian jewelry artists as well. The Zuni watch or Zuni watch bands are in styles of the inlay turquoise watch band, turquoise petitpoint or needle point watch band. The Zuni jewelry artists create unique designs of sterling silver watch bands.

Turquoise watch bands for women are popular in Native American jewelry and silver Indian jewelry and make a great gift that is both a beautiful jewelry item and can be worn for daily use. Turquoise watches for men are popular, too. When shopping for Native American jewelry for men or turquoise jewelry for men the men’s turquoise watch is a great gift idea as well. We offer turquoise watch cuff bracelets for men and women in our Native American jewelry online store.

We carry a large selection of Navajo watch bands with different gemstones in both sterling silver watch bands and the silver cuff watches for women and men. The Indian watch bands with expansion band can be adjusted to size. We offer this service and most of your local watch jewelers do as well. You can also adjust your watch band yourself using these instructions for adjusting expansion watch bands.

We also offer watch faces and a turquoise watch face for your silver watch band and Navajo watch bands. All of our Native American watch bands come with your satisfaction guaranteed! Enjoy shopping our turquoise watches for women and men’s turquoise watch selection in our Turquoise Jewelry gallery and American Indian jewelry online!

Southwest Silver Gallery is pleased to present the finest in turquoise jewelry, and you will be pleased to wear it!