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Turquoise Bracelets / Turquoise Bracelet

Welcome to our turquoise bracelet gallery!

We have a wonderful selection of turquoise bracelets and turquoise cuff bracelets for you to choose from!

Turquoise Bracelets
Our turquoise bracelets are made by Navajo, Zuni, Santo Domingo Indian and Southwest artists from New Mexico and Arizona. All of our turquoise bracelets are made with .925 sterling silver and genuine turquoise gems. We carry turquoise bracelets for men and women. Native American turquoise bracelets come in a wide array of styles and designs varying from artist and tribe. We offer a unique selection of turquoise link bracelets, turquoise tennis bracelets and turquoise cuff bracelets. 
All of our authentic Native American bracelets and turquoise jewelry come with a certificate of authenticity and your complete Satisfaction is Guaranteed

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Sterling Silver Sleeping Beauty Spider Bracelet by Darrin Livingston, Navajo
Product Code: BR4619
Retail Price: $955.00
SALE PRICE: $765.00  * On Sale *


14k Gold Turquoise Link Bracelet
Product Code: BR636

Price: $2,435.00


20 Strand Liquid Silver Turquoise Heishi Bracelet - Adjustable Length
Product Code: LSBR20TQ
Price: $59.50


Brown Webbed Royston Turquoise Bracelet by Raymond Coriz, Santo Domingo
Product Code: BR2432
Price: $245.00


Effie Calavaza Silver Candalaria Turquoise & Coral Bracelet
Product Code: BR4728

Price: $289.00


Effie Calavaza Silver Candalaria Turquoise & Coral Bracelet
Product Code: BR4731

Price: $198.00


Effie Calavaza Silver Turquoise & Coral Bracelet
Product Code: BR4736
Price: $198.00


Effie Calavaza Silver Turquoise & Coral Bracelet
Product Code: BR4726

Price: $259.00


Effie Calavaza Silver Turquoise & Coral Bracelet
Product Code: BR4185

Price: $259.00


Effie Calavaza Turquoise & Coral Bracelet
Product Code: BR4723

Price: $259.00


Emerald Valley Turquoise Silver Feather Bracelet by John Nelson, Navajo
Product Code: BR3217
Price: $335.00


Five Strand Turquoise Bead Bracelet - Adjustable Length
Product Code: BR3066
Price: $169.00


Green Emerald Valley Turquoise Silver Feather Bracelet by John Nelson, Navajo Turquoise Jewelry
Product Code: BR3216
Price: $335.00


Green Manassa Turquoise Bracelet by Andy Cadman, Mans Turquoise Bracelet
Product Code: BR4805
Price: $795.00


Handmade Ithica Peak Turquoise Bracelet by Derrick Gordon, Navajo
Product Code: BR2951
Price: $489.00


Handmade Kingman Bird's Eye Turquoise Bracelet by Darryl Becenti, Navajo
Product Code: BR0255
Price: $895.00


Handmade Natural Green Royston Turquoise Bracelet by Fritson Toledo, Navajo
Product Code: BR2979
Price: $359.00


Handmade Number 8 Turquoise & Mediterranean Coral Bracelet by Darryl Becenti, Navajo
Product Code: BR0257
Price: $645.00


Handmade Sterling Silver Royston Turquoise Bracelet by Guy Hoskie, Navajo
Product Code: BR0421
Price: $489.00


Handmade Sterling Silver Royston Turquoise Bracelet by Guy Hoskie, Navajo Indian Jewelry
Product Code: BR0420
Price: $489.00


Handmade Turquoise & Coral Cluster Bracelet by Nelvin Burbank, Navajo
Product Code: BR2981
Price: $1,285.00

Displaying 1 through 21 of 184 products.
Pages: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 ->

Our turquoise bracelets are made by Native American and southwest artists in New Mexico and Arizona. Turquoise cuff bracelets are one of our favorite Turquoise Jewelry accessories and we carry a wide selection of turquoise cuffs, turquoise bangle bracelets, link bracelets or turquoise tennis bracelets and charm bracelets. We feature silver bracelets with turquoise from well known artists and from collectible southwest U.S. turquoise mines such as Sleeping Beauty turquoise, Royston Boulder turquoise, Kingman turquoise, Dry Creek turquoise, Pilot Mountain, Turquoise Mountain, Manassa and Number 8 turquoise. We carry a variety of styles from the old style, vintage turquoise bracelet designs to contemporary designs and also turquoise bracelets for men. All of our turquoise bracelets are made with sterling silver or gold. Southwest and American Indian artists make a wide variety of styles of beautiful turquoise bracelets.

Bracelets and armlets made from natural materials are one of the earliest types of jewelry made by Native Americans and found at archaeological sites. These were made from natural materials such as fibers and hide until the introduction of metalsmithing in the mid 18th century. Silver and turquoise bracelets, stamped and set with turquoise gems are still one of the most popular Native American jewelry designs today.

Early in the 20th century, Native Americans became aware of the European and American consumer tastes and began creating new and more elaborate forms of cuff bracelets. Beginning in the 1950’s and 1960’s, Indian jewelry artists started making silver bangles or bangle bracelets, turquoise link bracelet and charm bracelets. In the mid 20th century, Native American jewelry artists began changing the bracelet into new forms with the Turquoise Watch Bracelet and Watch Bands.

Our silver and turquoise bracelets are made by Navajo, Zuni and Santo Domingo silversmiths. Our sterling silver turquoise bracelets are made of .925 sterling silver.

Navajo turquoise bracelets and are traditionally made with cabochon turquoise settings and appliqué and hand stamped designs. Soldered designs of silver flowers, feathers, leaves and beads are popular designs seen in silver and turquoise cuff bracelets and Native American jewelry. The turquoise stones can either be set in a smooth bezel or saw tooth bezel. Quite a few Navajo silversmiths are now making turquoise inlay bracelets combined with other gemstones for colorful, contemporary designs. Navajo Jewelry artists also make turquoise bead bracelets and turquoise beaded Turquoise Jewelry. Some of our favorite Navajo cuff bracelets are the silver feather bracelet with turquoise set in the center with a feather at each side. Navajo Jewelry artists also create many different styles of turquoise bracelets for men, turquoise leather bracelet and turquoise bangles today. The turquoise bangle is a continuous circle bracelet that one slips over the hand instead of sliding over the wrist.

Zuni silversmiths are known for their lapidary work and fine stone cutting as seen in their petite point, needle point and turquoise inlay bracelets. Traditional inlay stone colors are turquoise, jet, mother of pearl and coral. Zuni jewelry artists often portray motifs of nature, animals and spiritual figures in their inlay bracelets. Zuni indian jewelry artists are well known for their needle point and petite turquoise cluster bracelets. Zuni Indian artists also make men’s turquoise bracelets.

Contemporary Indian jewelry artists have become innovative in their designs creating silver bracelets with elements from nature or petroglyph motifs.

Fitting a Turquoise Bracelet

Basic rule of thumb for fitting a silver and turquoise bracelet: Take out a tape measure or a piece of string or paper to measure with a ruler your wrist size. An average ladies size wrist is 6” around.

Turquoise Cuff Bracelets: Add the inside circumference plus gap opening to get the total circumference. You usually need a ¼” to ½” extra for fit. So if the inside measurement of a bracelet is 5 ¼” plus a 1” gap opening this should fit a 6” wrist. Most women’s turquoise bracelets have an inside measurement of 5” to 5 ½” plus gap opening Turquoise cuff bracelets that are adjustable are must easier to size and fit. Turquoise inlay bracelets are less giving and precise measurements of your wrist need to be taken.
Turquoise link bracelet: Most turquoise link bracelets are 7 ¼” to 7 ½” for an average size ladies wrist of 6”. This gives plenty of clearance, sway and movement around the wrist and for clasping the closure or clasp. This sizing should work the same for a turquoise bead bracelet, turquoise link bracelet and turquoise tennis bracelet.

Turquoise bangle: Average size inside circumference of a turquoise bangle bracelet is 8”. The easiest way to size your wrist and hand for a turquoise bangle is to cut a piece of paper the same size of the inside circumference and tape the ends to create a circle imitating a bangle. Sliding this over your hand you should be able to gauge if the turquoise bangle bracelet will fit. This should slide over easily but not too loosely to slide off when worn.

Thank you for visiting our Turquoise Jewelry and silver turquoise bracelet collection! We hope we can be of help in finding that special turquoise jewelry for you or that special someone!  We offer a huge variety of turquoise jewelry for you to choose from.  You are certain to find that piece of turquoise jewelry that you are looking for.