Size 5

Southwest Silver Gallery carries American Indian rings designed by respected Southwest and Native American artists. We select only for the highest quality materials available, such as sterling silver and rare gemstones ranging from turquoise to amethyst and more. All of our pieces are handmade and unique, made with respect and care for the craft. This section features all of our rings in size 5, which are sized for a comfortable and snug fit.

Quality Materials

Our American Indian rings are comprised of 0.925 sterling silver, a type of silver that originated in Europe for purposes of currency production in the 12th century. Pure silver is usually too soft to mold into currency, or a solid ring for that matter, so various alloys are added to make it stronger, while maintaining its shine and natural beauty.

The Navajo and Zuni in particular are known to produce exceptional silver jewelry, and the Zuni actually received many important silversmithing techniques from the Navajo. Our favorite Southwest and Native American jewelry artists from Arizona and New Mexico work with the sterling silver and various gemstones to produce unforgettable pieces, and are just as well known for their striking gem inlay designs.

Our selection of American Indian rings contains rare and valuable gemstones such as turquoise, spiny oyster shell, black jet, purple sugilite, and much more. Turquoise is an especially important gemstone to the Native American artists that we work with, just as it was important to countless ancient cultures across history. Turquoise is widely understood to be a symbol for wealth, and it is believed to bring about life and fortune, and protect the wearer from unnatural death.

We carry our rings in size 5, and our sizes go up to 12 and higher for larger fingers. We carry the sizes and styles you need for a proper fit, and we can special order our inlay rings in your size, so feel free to ask about them.

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Southwest Silver Gallery takes special care to select for high grade silver and authentic gemstones from trusted sources. Real turquoise has become quite rare, as many mines have closed over the years, and there are plenty of imitations on the market. However you can trust the quality of our jewelry, and we provide each order with a certificate of authenticity for maximum assurance.

Check out our gallery of American Indian rings. We have organized all of our designs into their respective sizes for your convenience, and if you have any questions about our inventory or ring fitting, don't hesitate to contact us at 888-476-4367. Shop today.