Silver Feather Pendants

Southwest Silver Gallery is pleased to provide a stunning gallery of Native American silver feather pendants, all of which demonstrate the sense of delicate elegance, freedom of flight, and divine power that their traditional cultural symbols represent. Many of our American Indian silver feather pendants are designed by award-winning artists using high quality sterling silver, gold, turquoise, coral, malachite, and other gemstones, depending on the particular design.

A Significant Tradition

The symbol of the feather, and the physical feather itself, carries profound meaning for many Native American tribes. In several Native American cultures, eagles enjoy a particularly powerful connection to the heavens, as they fly the highest of the birds and have a wide view of the earth. If a feather is dropped by an eagle, it is taken as a sign from above, and the feather is bestowed by the tribe to chieftains, braves, or warriors for their courage. It usually takes a particularly honorable feat in warfare, or fighting a dangerous animal, to have the honor of receiving a feather, which symbolizes power, trust, honor, wisdom, and other noble traits. There are different sets of meanings depending on the bird that the feather comes from.

When someone receives a feather, they must present their story to the tribe and after that, they may wear the feather, usually as part of a head-dress. Once someone possesses a feather, it is very important to display it where appropriate, to serve as a shared ideal to strive for, and hiding it can communicate disrespect. Feathers are also accorded great care, ensuring that they are never dropped.

Our Native American silver feather pendants honor this incredible tradition with gorgeous feather designs by award-winning artists from the American Southwest. Our pendants are crafted with time-tested Native American silver-smithing techniques, and the gemstones featured in the various feather designs are just as significant. Turquoise, for example, has been an important and sacred gemstone to Southwest Indian cultures, and is believed to bring good fortune and health, among other blessings.

Guaranteed Quality

The sterling silver, gold, and assorted gemstones that figure in our jewelry pieces are all high quality, rare, and 100% authentic. Each of our Native American silver feather pendants comes with a certificate of authenticity, as we closely work with local Zuni, Hopi, Navajo, and Santo Domingo tribes in Arizona and New Mexico. Your satisfaction is guaranteed with our jewelry.

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As a family-owned company, Southwest Silver Gallery prides itself on close ties with local tribes, high quality materials, handmade jewelry of artistic value, and most importantly, personalized customer service. We understand the significance of Native American silver feather pendants and how they might relate to you personally, and we'd be happy to help you find the piece that is right for you. Give us a call at 888-476-4367 with any questions you may have. View our gallery and order the piece that is right for you today.