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Sleek and sultry, onyx stone jewelry is offset by sterling silver to create elegant, sophisticated styles. The rich, deep black color makes onyx extremely versatile and alluring, and the stone’s history lends itself to a mystical, otherworldly quality. Our onyx collection is unmatched, and we’re proud to offer 100% authentic, high-quality Native American jewelry. Embrace a taste of the dark side with elegant onyx jewelry.

The Allure of Onyx

Onyx’s cavernous black hue is its most striking feature, and it looks stunning molded into bands, pendants, and rings. Our onyx stone jewelry is also special because it has significance in many ancient cultures. Onyx has been said to promote focus and concentration, calm the mind, and boost self-esteem. Some ancient cultures believed that onyx could aid the owner in finding spiritual direction, and some even said that onyx could conjure visions.

For some Native American tribes, onyx was protection against unwanted thoughts, negative emotions, and evil spirits. These tribes kept onyx close during tumultuous times, as its presence was thought to be stabilizing during times of extreme stress.

Authentic American Indian Jewelry

Our high-quality onyx jewelry is sourced from award-winning jewelry artisans from local Zuni, Navajo, and Santo Domingo tribes. Each piece is signed or certified to ensure you know where it comes from and who made it.

If you have any questions about the jewelry in our collection, please don’t hesitate to get in touch by calling 1-888-476-4367 or contacting us online. Add magnificent onyx stone jewelry to your jewelry collection today.