Necklace & Earring Sets

Jewelry holds a great deal of significance in Native American culture. For thousands of years American Indian tribes have honed their beadwork and metalwork skills to create stunning jewelry of exceptional quality and refinement. In fact, many pieces are so meticulously crafted that they are exhibited in museums. Our turquoise necklace and earring sets are much more than jewelry â€" they are wearable works of art and essential components of a rich and vibrant culture. Be sure to check out our other Native American sterling silver necklaces.

Order Authentic Jewelry

necklace-earrings-sets.jpgWe source all of our jewelry from award-winning artists from the Zuni, Navajo, Hopi, and Santo Domingo tribes in Arizona and New Mexico. All pieces are carefully crafted from fine .925 sterling silver and genuine gemstones such as turquoise, amethyst, tiger eye, lapis, onyx, malachite, sugilite, spiny oyster, and many others. The care and attention to detail that is put into every gorgeous piece is second to none, so order our Native American necklace and earring sets with complete assurance of quality.

Our Jewelry is Timeless

Turquoise represents good fortune, long life, good health, and protection, among many other positive traits. Our necklaces and earring sets make wonderful gifts, but you can also treat yourself to your favorite piece. Native American jewelry is timeless and iconic, so you can be sure that you will be able to enjoy the chic style for many years to come. Anyone who appreciates the distinct style created by the Native Americans is sure to fall in love with our turquoise necklace and earring sets, so add your favorite set to your jewelry collection today.

Indian Jewelry Carries a Great Deal of History

necklace-earrings-sets01.jpgMany people seek out Native American jewelry because of its fascinating history. Thousands of years ago, American Indians in the Southwest region used to use whatever natural resources were available to make handcrafted beads and pieces of jewelry. When the Spanish arrived in the 1800s, they taught the art of silversmithing to the Native Americans. Since then, the jewelry culture has only grown and evolved more as the Native Americans continue to refine their skills using modern designs, techniques, and equipment. However, that traditional handcrafted work ethic and dedication has never faded, and our Native American necklace and earring sets reflect the time and effort spent.

Purchase Authentic Jewelry

Because Native American designs have become so popular in recent times, they are often imitated poorly using cheap materials and automated machines. Here at Southwest Silver Gallery, we take tremendous pride in our inventory, and that is why we only sell legitimately sourced, authentic pieces crafted by well known and respected artists. When you buy turquoise necklace and earring sets from us, you are getting a genuine product that you can be proud to own.

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Ordering high-quality Native American jewelry has never been so easy or affordable. We offer free shipping on all orders over $99, and we will be more than happy to gift wrap your order for you at no extra charge. If your order totals $100 or more, we will throw in a free pair of genuine turquoise stud earrings. For information on our turquoise necklace and earring sets, feel free to call 1-888-476-4367, or get in touch through our Contact page. Purchase premium American Indian jewelry today.