Liquid Silver Necklaces

Bold, beautiful, and versatile, our liquid silver necklaces will quickly become your new favorite accessory. Whether you’re wearing a formal evening gown or jeans and a tee, our silver necklaces are sure to accentuate any outfit you have in the closet. These statement necklaces attract attention without being gaudy, and the silver metal pairs well with any outfit.

Choose Your Favorite Style

We have a wide variety of liquid silver necklaces to fit any aesthetic. Choose from simple yet elegant, pure silver necklaces, or pick something with gemstone accents, including turquoise, pearl, amethyst, or lapis. We even have liquid necklaces that feature heishi beads for some authentic American Indian aspects.

Heishi beads are small discs or tubes, usually made of organic shells or ground and polished stones, that come from the Santo Domingo Pueblo, also known as the Kewa Pueblo. The beads are generally hand chipped with drilled holes in the center.

Carefully examine our sizing before ordering so that you can choose the perfect length.

Native American Artists

We source our liquid silver necklaces from well-known Navajo, Santo Domingo, and Southwest artists. Most pieces include the artist’s hallmark or a certificate of authenticity.

If you have any questions about artists, pieces, or certificates, don’t hesitate to call 1-888-476-4367 or contact us online if you have any questions or requests.