Heart Necklaces

Southwest Silver Gallery offers a stunning collection of Native American heart necklaces to add to your jewelry collection. We feature turquoise heart necklaces and other gemstone heart necklaces that are designed by highly regarded Native American artists, and we select for brilliant and unique designs, while using only authentic, high-quality materials. Be sure to check out our other Native American sterling silver necklaces.

Authentic Gemstones

Our turquoise heart necklaces figure prominently in our collection of Native American heart necklaces, and for good reason. Turquoise is one of the oldest of the precious gems, and its serene blue hues have dazzled countless cultures over thousands of years. Turquoise has played a large part in ancient Egyptian, Persian, Aztec, and various indigenous cultures in Southwest America and Mexico, and today is still prized as a stone of life and good fortune, as well as a symbol of wealth.

All of our turquoise gemstones are authentic and high-grade, and our jewelry is legitimately sourced from local tribes. Each piece bears a unique character, and many of our jewelry designs are provided by our favorite award-winning and up and coming artists.

Our selection of Native American heart necklaces also features other types of gemstones such as orange spiny oyster shell, purple sugilite, lab opals, green gaspeite, black jet, coral, and black onyx. All of these gemstones are often used as beautiful accents and dashes of color in Native American inlay jewelry. We also carry gorgeous sterling silver pendants and other designs.

Our gemstone heart necklaces are suitable for many different styles and wardrobe options. We offer designs and material types for numerous tastes and color sensibilities, with gemstone colors and textures that are sure to please the most discerning customers.

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Southwest Silver Gallery specializes in delivering rare, natural, authentic, high-quality Native American jewelry. We work with the Zuni, Navajo, Hopi, and Santo Domingo tribes to source our jewelry, and the artists we work with hail from those tribes and are celebrated for their craft. We strive to select both traditional and contemporary designs, so everyone can find something to fit their taste. We hand select our jewelry for its stunning beauty and the unique charms of each piece, and each of our pieces comes with a certificate of authenticity to indicate that it is made with genuine materials.

Take a look at our selection of Native American heart necklaces and witness the craftsmanship for yourself. We're confident you'll find a design that suits your style. If you have any questions about our selection, call 888-476-4367. Take a look at our selection today.