Brooches & Pins

Much more than fashion accessories, our Native American brooches and pins are stunning pieces of art and timeless relics of a past era. Southwestern Native American tribes have become world famous for their intricate, gorgeous jewelry making skills, and local artists from Navajo, Santo Domingo, Zuni, and Hopi tribes throughout Arizona and New Mexico continue to pay homage to the jewelry makers of the past, while also using modern techniques and tools to create fine jewelry that is truly unparalleled.

Our Selection of Genuine Brooches and Pins

native-american-brooches.jpgAt Southwest Silver Gallery, we take authenticity very seriously. Native American jewelry is very popular in modern culture, and for that reason it is often imitated with low-quality materials and machine processes. We source our jewelry only from award-winning local Native American artists, and the difference is undeniable. Our Native American pins and brooches are meticulously crafted using sterling silver and genuine stones such as lapis, amethyst, onyx, mother of pearl, sugilite, tiger eye, blue topaz, malachite, and of course turquoise.

The Significance of Turquoise

As you browse our wide selection of Native American brooches and pins, you will notice that turquoise is often featured prominently. Native American culture is rich with magic, legend, and mythology, and perhaps no other material is held in such high regard as turquoise. It is said that the magic of turquoise is so powerful, that no horseman would ride with it in his possession, lest it slow down the horse. Turquoise was often hung in American Indian households to protect from misfortune, and it was even used as collateral when trading for wool or crops.

Our Commitment to Quality

native-american-brooches-pins.jpgWe hand select each individual piece of jewelry so that we can be sure that our carefully curated inventory consists of only the finest products. Many of our customers are knowledgeable Native American jewelry experts, and we go to great lengths to ensure that we are a consistent and reliable resource. Our genuine Native American pins and brooches are meticulously crafted by renowned, award-winning artists from local Navajo, Santo Domingo, Zuni, and Hopi tribes, so place your order with complete assurance.

The Southwest Silver Gallery Guarantee

It is a very rare occasion when we get a return, but usually it is because of a sizing issue, not quality control. If you are unsatisfied with your order for any reason, we will happily refund 100 percent of your money as long as you return the item within 30 days, or we can exchange it for an equally priced item. All of our fine products include free gift packaging, and we include a 6 month workmanship warranty at no extra charge. Your satisfaction is our guarantee, and if you have a problem, our dedicated customer service team will fix it.

Order High-Quality Jewelry Online Today

Our secure, navigable website makes ordering sophisticated, authentic American Indian jewelry a breeze. If you have any questions about our Native American brooches or pins, we encourage you to give us a call at 1-888-476-4367, or you can send us a message via our contact form. Authentic American Indian jewelry is peerless as far as beauty, quality, craftsmanship, and mystique go, and the price is surprisingly affordable. Add a stunning work of art to your jewelry collection today.